New Product


Sep 19, 2018New Product
– Integrated Solution of i³-Mechatronics –
Yaskawa Begins Sales of Robot Module RM100 embedded in Machine Controllers
Jun 15, 2018New Product
Yaskawa Begins Sales of Matrix Converter U1000 that Conform to Marine Classification Standards
Conform equipment more easily to marine classification standards
Jan 22, 2018New Product
Newly Developed Industrial Network Achieves New Manufacturing Using IoT and AI
Jun 09, 2017New Product
Yaskawa Launches Collaborative Robot MOTOMAN-HC10
A shift from robots that replace to humans
to robots that work with humans
May 26, 2017New Product
Yaskawa to Launch the World’s First GaN Power Semiconductor-Equipped Servo Motor with Built-in Amplifier
A New Addition to the AC Servo Drives Σ (Sigma)-7 Series
Nov 04, 2016New Product
Yaskawa Launches MOTOMAN-MH5BM
Ideal for sterile or hygienic environment
Contributing to automation in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and beverage industries
Jul 30, 2015New Product
Announcing the release of our new, 7-axis spot-welding robot, the MOTOMAN-VS100
-The first arm structure in the industry to be applicable in such a wide range of facilities-
Aug 29, 2013New Product
Innovative New Models of MOTOMAN Industrial Robots Available Globally
- Advanced Robots for Arc Welding, Spot Welding and Materials Handling -
Jul 05, 2013New Product
Development of Robot Systems for the Bio-Medical Field
– Producing Innovation in the Bio-Medical Field –
Jan 15, 2013New Product
Development of an EV Motor Without a Neodymium Magnet
Jun 10, 2008New Product
Introducing Yaskawa’s Ace Drive: A1000
Nov 29, 2007New Product
LCD Very Large Glass Plate Transfer Robots MOTOMAN- CDL3000D release
Nov 28, 2007New Product
YASKAWA J1000 Compact AC Drive Series release
Nov 21, 2007New Product
New-Generation Industrial Robots release