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Yaskawa Launches 2 Types of Horizontal Articulated Scara Robots MOTOMAN-SG Series
-New lineup enhances digital data solutions with “i³-Mechatronics”-

New ProductDec 17, 2019

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Head Office: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Ogasawara) is pleased to announce that it starts sales of 2 types of horizontal articulated scara robots, MOTOMAN-SG400 (payload capacity: 3kg, maximum reach: 400mm) and MOTOMAN-SG650 (payload capacity: 6kg, maximum reach: 650mm), which are ideal for assembly and transportation processes of small components that require high cycle time, in the 3C market (computers, home appliances and communications equipment including electric and electronic parts), and the general industries such as food, medical products and cosmetics.


1. Purpose of Launch

Yaskawa has commercialized and released a series of robots optimized for various applications, including welding, handling, assembly, painting, liquid crystal panel and semiconductor wafer transfer etc. In recent years, against the backdrop of a growing labor shortage due to the decline in the working-age population, there has been a strong demand for automation to improve productivity and reduce manufacturing costs in general industries other than the automobile industry. There is a particularly high demand for automation in the 3C market and other general industries such as food, medical products and cosmetics. The launch of two types of horizontal articulated scara robots with different reach target mainly at the assembly, transportation, packing, sorting and inspection of small components in general industrial fields.

Under the banner of “Realization of a new industrial automation revolution” in its long-term management plan “Vision 2025”, Yaskawa advocates a solution concept called “i³-Mechatronics” that aims to improve productivity and achieve zero downtime production lines through digital data solutions, including product-based automation and visualization of production sites. By combining the small general purpose robots “GP Series”, “MotoMINI”, and the human collaborative robots “HC Series” that Yaskawa has been providing up until now, with the newly launched horizontal articulated scara robot, it will be able to respond to the diversifying needs of customers in the general industrial field and strengthen its ability to propose “i³-Mechatronics”.

2. Key Features

・High performance

The standard cycle time* is 0.32 seconds for SG400 and 0.29 seconds for SG650, attaining the highest operating performance in its class, enabling high-speed and high-precision operation.

*Reciprocating motion with a horizontal distance of 300 mm and a vertical distance of 25 mm with payload of 2 kg

3. Main Applications

Assembly, transport, packing, sorting, inspection, etc. of small components

4. Sales Schedule

1) Date of sales: December 18, 2019 in Japan

2) Pricing: Open price

For inquires, contact:

Corporate Communications Div.

YASKAWA Electric Corporation



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