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YASKAWA to Launch “SEMISTAR-GEKKO MD124D”, a High-Precision & Low-Vibration Clean Robot for Transferring Semiconductor Wafers that Adopts a Direct Drive System, and “SR200”, a Standard Controller for Clean Robots
-Contributing to the improvement of semiconductor wafer productivity and low-damage transport-

New ProductMay 28, 2020

 Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Head Office: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Ogasawara) announced the launch of a new clean robots for semiconductor wafer transfer, the “SEMISTAR-GEKKO MD124D” which equipped the direct drive motor (DD motor) of Yaskawa’s AC servo motor “Σ-7 series”.

 The robot enables semiconductor wafer transfer with higher precision (positioning accuracy twice as high) and lower vibration (1/6) than the conventional model. Collectively, we developed the SR200, a standard controller for clean robots that is not only smaller and lighter, but the improved drive capability and expandability. SR200 is applied to all Yaskawa’s clean robots to maximize their performance.


1. Purpose of Launch

 In recent years, the technical advancement such as the improved smartphone performance, the demanded and sophisticated data centers by Internet of Things (IoT) trend, and the faster and larger data connection with 5G are remarkable, and the major components to support these technologies are semiconductors. Innovations in semiconductor technology have been made possible by nanometer level miniaturization and multilayer technology in semiconductor manufacturing processes, and there has been a need for clean robots for wafer transfer to contribute to these evolutions.

 For example, there were requests to transport wafers to specified positions with high precision, to safely transport the same number of slices without placing stress on the wafers, and to transport wafers to narrow pitches to accommodate a large number of wafers. In response to these customer requests, we have developed a new clean robot with higher precision and lower vibration.

2. Key Features

 Compared to the conventional product “SEMISTAR-MR124”, the installation of robots as well as a layout of the transfer function are completely compatible while maintaining the shape of a manipulator, the absolute position accuracy (0.05 mm *¹) and the repeatability position accuracy (±0.025 mm *¹) are twice as high, and the hand vibration (0.25G *¹ 1G=9.8 m/s2) during transfer is also greatly reduced. To achieve these performances, the robot arm is driven by a direct drive motor from Yaskawa’s AC servo motor “Σ-7 series”, which does not require a gear reducer.


 The “SR200” a standard controller for clean robots also equips Yaskawa’s machine controller (MP), and while its volume and mass are 42% and 35% lower than those of conventional models, it has scalability to comply with major standards such as SEMI.


 In addition to improving the product specifications, we are also offering the better quality of after-sales services. For example, we adopted the battery-less design from the robot and removed the step of battery replacement. Moreover, we can make it easier for customers to obtain necessary information, which can lead to process analysis and improved productivity. By reviewing the parts procured for both the robot and the controller, the products are made with sustainability in mind, such as continuing production.

*1: An example of the result by Yaskawa measurement condition

3. Ratings and Specifications


Items Specification
Applied wafer size 300 mm (SEMI standard compliant)
Wafer holding system Passive grips (Vacuum suction grips and edge grips are also available.)
Standard end effector length 345 mm
Number of driving shafts 5 Axis
Arm type Single arm
EX axis (stretch) 1215 mm*4
TH axis (turning) 330°
Z axis (ascent) 480 mm
H axis (rotate) 440°
Minimum turning radius 510 mm
Position repeatability*2 0.05 mm (P-P)
Weight of the main unit 86 kg
Cleanliness*3 ISO Class 1
MCBF (SEMI F10 compliant) 15 million cycles or more

*2: It conforms to JIS B 8432 pose repeating accuracy.

*3: In a 0.3 m/s downflow environment, this depends on the installation conditions recommended by Yaskawa.

*4: Manipulator pivot position to wafer center position with Yaskawa’s Standard 300 mm compatible end effector



“SR 200”

Items Specification
Dimensions 425 mm (width) x 300 mm (depth) x 133 mm (height)
(Not including protrusions)
Approximate mass 13 kg or less
Power supply
3-phase AC 200 V to 240 V (+10% to −15%) 50/60 Hz
Single-phase AC 200 V to 240 V (+10% to −15%) 50/60 Hz
(host connection)
Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) 2-port
Support for optional boards 2 slots
Number of control axes Up to 8 axes
Standards compliance SEMI S2, S8, F 47 compliant, UL 61010 -1 compliant,
ISO 13849 -1, Category 3 (PL=d) compliant, etc

4. Primary Use

 Transfer of wafers in semiconductor manufacturing equipment

5. Sales plan

 Scheduled to launch in May 2020


 Press contact:

 Corporate Communications Div.

 Yaskawa Electric Corporation



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