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Yaskawa to Begin Sales of the MOTOMAN-GP4, a Small & Versatile Industrial Robot
– Enhancing the ability to respond to diversifying needs by strengthening the lineup of small robots –

New ProductDec 22, 2020

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Head Office: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Ogasawara) is pleased to announce to begin sales of the MOTOMAN-GP4 (Payload capacity: 4 kg, maximum reach: 550 mm), a compact robot that is suitable for the assembly and transport processes of small parts in the general industrial fields, for 3C markets such as computers, home appliances and communications equipment, which includes mainly electrical and electronic parts.



1.The purpose of development

Yaskawa has developed and marketed a series of industrial robots optimized for various applications, such as welding, handling, assembly, painting, LCD panel and semiconductor wafer transport. In recent years, against the background of a worsening labor shortage caused by a declining working-age population, there has been a strong demand for improvements in productivity and reductions in manufacturing costs through automation using industrial robots in general industrial fields other than the automobile industry.


At the same time, there is a growing needs for automation, especially in the 3C markets, due to the increasing demand for automation and labor-saving in the pandemic of the COVID-19. MOTOMAN-GP4, a small industrial robot with a payload capacity of 4 kg, which has been highly demanded, has a 6-axis that will be used mainly for assembling, transporting, boxing, sorting and inspecting small parts in the general industrial field.


Yaskawa calls for “Realization of a new industrial automation revolution” in its long-term management plan “Vision 2025”. In addition to product automation, it promotes a solution concept “i3-Mechatronics” that improves productivity and realizes zero downtime production lines through digital data solutions such as visualization of production sites. This model will strengthen the ability of “i3-Mechatronics” to propose responding to the diversifying needs of customers in the general industrial field by the new lineup of small-sized robots including “MotoMINI” micro-sized robots and the horizontal articulated SCARA robot “MOTOMAN SG series”.

2.Key Features

(1)Enhanced lineup of small robots enables optimum model selection

This new addition to our product lineup allows us to choose the best robot for our customers’ increasingly diverse production facilities from its extensive lineup.


(2)Best-in-class performance

This product achieves the highest performance in its class with 163% faster synthesis speed due to the increased maximum speed of each axis compared to the previous model (MOTOMAN-MH3F). Reducing the tact time contributes to improving customer productivity.


(3)Improved work accessibility

The effective motion area in the vicinity of the robot is expanded to improve accessibility to the workpiece. This will contribute to saving the space of customers’ production facilities.


(4)Dust-Proof and Drip-Proof Protection Grade *¹ Achieves IP 67 for all axes

It has an IP67 dust-proof and drip-proof structure of all axes, so it can be used even in harsh environments, and can also be used for applications that require washing with water from the aspect of hygiene. In addition, the smooth arm surface is designed to reduce the accumulation of dust and liquid.

  *1 Product dust-proof and drip-proof protection rating defined by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) with international protection code

IP 67: Dust does not enter and can be protected against temporary submergence


(5)Reduced setup time and improved emergency response

One power supply cable reduces setup time. When a wire is broken, the programming pendant instantly displays the abnormal part, making it easy to maintain.

3.Main Applications

Assembly, transportation, boxing, sorting, inspection, etc. of small parts

4.sales planning

(1)Date of sales:  November 30, 2020 in Japan

(2)Pricing: Open price


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YASKAWA Electric Corporation



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