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Announcing the release of our new, 7-axis spot-welding robot, the MOTOMAN-VS100
-The first arm structure in the industry to be applicable in such a wide range of facilities-

New ProductJul 30, 2015

YASKAWA Electric Corporation (representative director chairman of the board/president: Junji Tsuda) will begin selling the new MOTOMAN-VS100 robots, specialized for spot-welding car bodies.


    Spot-welding robot MOTOMAN-VS100

1. Production Aim

Ahead of our competitors, we’ve developed a wide range of robots, specialized for many purposes. Now, we’re introducing the new 7-axis spot-welding robot to our product line. This new model can be used in a wide range of production facilities for welding car bodies, a critical part of car production. This flexibility allows us to propose unique solutions to clients, making the most of their facilities.

2. Primary Features (Many of our configurations, which allow various movements, are patent pending.)

a. L-arm (lower arm) length is variable.


The L-arm length of our new MOTOMAN-VS100 can be changed by adding 1-axis (E-axis), which moves in the same direction of the L-axis (2nd axis) and U-axis (3rd axis), at the mid-point of the L-arm in the conventional 6-axis robot. This new structure enables the U-arm posture to be controlled more easily compared to conventional 6-axis robots, expanding the operational range of tools for spot-welding car bodies. In this way, the robot can work more closely than before, saving layout space.



b. A higher density layout is realized.


Our new MOTOMAN-VS100’s 7-axis structure expands the tool’s operational range especially in up/down direction. A Higher density layout is realized without worrying about interference by increasing up/down operation more than left/right operation.



c. Welding range has expanded.


By expanding the operational range of a tool, the range of spot-welding can be expanded (the tool can approach the targeted surface vertically). This cuts the time of layout design dramatically.

3. Main Purpose of Use

Spot-welding car bodies on car production lines.

4. Sales Plan

(1) Sales starts: on August 5th, 2015 

(2) Sales price: Open price

(3) Targeted number of sales: 2,000 robots/year



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