ISO14001 Certification

List of ISO14001 Certification (As of October 2020)

Company Name Scope of registered activities Accreditation body Certificate number Date of acquisition of certification
Domestic operations
YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION ・Design, development, manufacturing and logistics services for industrial robots and robot controllers
・Design, development, manufacturing and logistics services, and installation, commissioning and ancillary services (Maintenance, inspection and repair) of electrical equipment associated with system equipment, control panel, AC drive, power converter, motor drive system, electrical equipment storage box, mechatronics equipment application products, reed switch, water purifier
・Design, development, manufacturing and logistics services for servo motors and electronic controllers
・Planning and research and development of mechatronics systems
・Design, development, manufacturing and logistics services for medium- and large-size rotating machines and mechatronics equipment
JQA JQA-EM0202 August14, 1998
YASKAWA LOGISTEC CORPORATION (Robot sales office, Yukuhashi sales office, Saitama sales office and Yahata sales office)
YASKAWA LOGISTEC CORPORATION Provision of logistics services (Transport handling, inventory management, domestic and overseas packaging, and distribution processing) and design and provision of packaging materials JQA JQA-EM2127 February 8, 2002
SUEMATSU KYUKI CO., LTD. Engineering, design and development, manufacturing and commissioning adjustment of electrical components for industrial control systems (Iron and non-ferrous plants, paper plants, etc.) and public control systems (water and sewage systems, waste treatment facilities, etc.) JQA JQA-EM6656 February 4, 2011
Overseas operations SHANGHAI YASKAWA DRIVE CO.,LTD. The Production of Air Conditioning Motor, Inverter, AC Servo Motor, AC Servo Pack, PM Motor and Related Management Activities CQC 00120E32007R3M/3100 June 1, 2011
YASKAWA ELECTRIC (SHENYANG)CO.,LTD. The production of AC Servo Motors Controllers, AC Spindle Motors for Machine Tools and The Relevant Management Activities CQC 00120E31775R3L/2100 June 30, 2014
YASKAWA AMERICA INC. Motoman Robotics Division Design, manufacture, service and modification, integration of customer-specific robot systems, supply of spare parts EAGLE No.3141 August 18, 2006
Yaskawa Nordic AB Supply of industrial robots, machine modules, engineering services and robotized turn-key systems for automation of industrial and material handling processes. BVQi SE006510-1 October 11, 2013
Yaskawa Electric UK Limited Design, development and manufacture of power inverters and servo-controller products. bsi EMS608238 February 24, 2014
YASKAWA EUROPE GmbH DRIVES MOTION CONTROLS DIVISION Development ,manufacture and sale of electronic modules and components for drive, motion, control, communication and HMI solutions for industrial applications. TAW UM-060318-EN July 13, 2020


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