Environmental Performance Data

Environmental Accounting

With a view to promote environmental management, we are engaging in “environmental accounting” to sum up and analyze our own environmental conservation investments and reflect return on investment in managerial decision-making.
As environmental conservation investments of FY2017, introduction of solar power generating facilities, renewal of air-conditioners and air-compressors, etc., were implemented.
In addition, research and development of inverters, electric drive systems for electric vehicles, solar and wind power generating systems, etc., were approximately 1.09 billion yen, and the amount of investment in global environmental conservation was approximately 1.46 billion yen.
In terms of environmental conservation, CO2 emissions were reduced by 2,843 tons (equivalent to 11% of the total emissions of the previous FY) through energy-saving, energy-creating investments and activities to improve energy-saving operations.
We also realized economic effects of approximately 107,030,000 yen in energy costs and approximately 104,930,000 yen in waste disposal due to the recycling of waste.

Environmental conservation costs

(10,000 yen)

Item FY2016 FY2017
Investment Cost Investment Cost
Costs in business area Antipollution cost 0 623 0 650
Global environmental conservation cost 3,245 6,128 19,655 6,193
Resource circulation cost 0 9,218 0 8,458
(Subtotal) 3,245 15,969 19,655 15,302
Upstream / downstream cost 0 0 0 0
Management activities cost 0 1,958 0 2,058
Research and development cost 0 77,102 0 109,307
Social activities cost 0 7 0 12
Environmental damage restoration cost 0 0 0 0
(Total) 3,245 95,035 19,655 126,678

Effects of environmental conservation

Classification of effects of environmental conservation Environmental performance indicator [Unit] FY2016 FY2017
Effects of conservation regarding environmental load and waste materials from business activities Amount of CO2 emissions reduced in business places [t-CO2]*1 2,534 2,843
  • *1: An emission factor of 0.42 kg-CO2/kWh is used to calculate the CO2 emissions of electric power.

Economic effects

(10,000 yen)

Item FY2016 FY2017
Intra-corporate economic effects Energy cost 9,517 10,703
Waste disposal cost 7,192 10,493

* Environmental conservation costs, effects of environmental conservation, and economic effects of our six production plants in Japan are summed up based on the Ministry of the Environment’s “Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005.”

List of Environmental Data

We are working toward self-action objectives on a daily basis in order to inspire commitment toward environmental load reduction. The environmental data (results) from FY2013 to FY2017 is listed below. 

Yaskawa group




  • [Range of applicable data] Yaskawa Electric (including partners within business sites) and major domestic and overseas group companies (13 domestic companies and 8 overseas companies)

  • Writing in red:Correction of past data

Third-party verification of greenhouse gases

To improve the reliability of the calculated greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1, 2, and 3), we receive third-party verification by Japan Quality Assurance Organization.