AI solution is edge or cloud?

The areas where digital data is physically generated from equipment and devices are roughly divided to “edge areas” within the factory and “IT areas” such as clouds or fog outside the factory. AI application in manufacturing industry is provided for both real-time edge analysis and IT analysis of portions of large amounts of data, depending on what should be done as a “tool” for the solution.

Because of the large amount of data that is generated through devices in real time, it does not connect to the cloud and operates solely at the edge area. For example, when AI performs polishing evenly while measuring the torque value in the polishing process, data processing of AI technology “Alliom” is performed on the edge in real time.

On the other hand, the manufacturing execution system (MES) that analyzes and monitors the control and data management of production status takes place in IT areas such as the cloud. For example, AI is used to analyze big data in operation, or it is used in the IT field to analyze the quality of products.

In other words, the AI chooses the best AI feature based on what it wants the data to learn, not on areas. Yaskawa offers solutions using AI to customers in all areas.